For Patients: Welcome

ICON is a questionnaire-based study open to patients who have spent at least 24 hours on an intensive care unit at one of the study’s participating centres.

Having treatment on an intensive care unit can be very traumatic because admission to intensive care is very sudden and associated with life-threatening medical issues. Some patients suffer after effects of intensive care treatment, such as nightmares and flashbacks. Some patients take a long time to recover and may have a reduced health-related quality of life which means they are no longer able to perform everyday tasks at the same level as previously, or cannot participate fully in their favourite leisure activities.

By collecting information from previous intensive care patients, the ICON study will help doctors to identify the factors which are associated with poor long-term outcomes for patients, or which seem to trigger psychological after-effects such as nightmares. Doctors will then be able to identify much earlier those patients most likely to be adversely affected by intensive care and to develop strategies for lessening the negative effects of intensive care treatment.

You will find everything you need to know about the study on this website.